Galapagos,  Santa Cruz

A quick goodbye, for now

After rushing around over the last week preparing for our sail to Pitcairn, we’re more-or-less ready to go and plan to set off tomorrow. The sail will take us about a month and we’ll be without internet for that time (apart from some minimal communication via the satellite phone email). Also, as Pitcairn has a mere population of just 56 people – it’s unlikely we’ll have internet there either. We’ll be sending some blog posts to my brother via the satellite phone which he’ll post on our behalf, but unfortunately there might not be any photos for a while. I know that some of you (well, just my mum really) would like to see more photos of me. Unfortunately, as the photographer I rarely have photos of myself. Alex kindly took this one for me recently, not that I asked him to take it mind you!

I thought I'd leave you with this photo of me chopping some onions. They're really strong here!
I thought I’d leave you with this photo of me chopping some onions. They’re really strong here!


  • Judie Clee

    What amazing adventures! Once you arrive in Pitcairn Alex, as a return visitor, will certainly receive a royal welcome from Jay Warren and the other islanders! Wishing you safe travels and sending Oceans of Love XOXOXO Aunty Judie & Uncle Eric

  • Vicky Hamshere

    It is the penance of being the photographer….there are hardly ever any photos with me either! I am always reluctant to ask anyone to take my photo for fear that they will think I am vain! 🙂 Ask Alex if that could be true…!! We will await your ‘at sea’ blogs with bated breath. A month is a long time but no doubt there will be some wildlife excitement along the way. Keep us posted as often as possible.
    Bon Voyage!

  • James Amos

    G’day Alex, I recently happened to meet up with your Dad and he filled me in on your progress and provided me with your blog. I wish I were 40 years or so younger, it is clearly a great adventure . I some how feel a little closer to your adventure, “Spindrift” being a sister ship so at least I know you are on a good ship.
    I am enjoying your voyage enormously . Congrats. on your huge effort with Ryan from Pitcairn. We hope he will get the help he needs without further delay. That in itself is an amazing story. Enjoy Mangareva…..I’ll stand by
    Cheers, Jimmie

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