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Update from Bob!

Hello all,

This morning at first light, 1515UTC, we successfully transferred Ryan and his mother Nadine to the merchant vessel Taporo VIII in order to expedite Ryan’s arrival in Mangareva. At that time our position was 23 47S, 132 57W, about 120 miles from Mangareva and 180 miles from Pitcairn. After some discussion we have decided ourselves to continue on to Mangareva rather than returning to Pitcairn as we could use a rest in a secure anchorage. We hope to return to Pitcairn at some point in the next few weeks if weather conditions promise to be conducive to that.

On board now we have me, Sarah and also Andrew, the Pitcairn Islander who came with us to help stand watches. I have re-installed the wind vane auxiliary rudder (which i removed prior to departure in order to be able to motor at higher speed) and we are finally under sail with the wind vane once again doing the hard work. We hope to arrive in Mangareva some time tomorrow afternoon if all goes well and the wind gods are kind. Ryan and his mother should arrive there this evening at about 9pm and, if his condition does not deteriorate rapidly, will catch the commercial flight to Tahiti on Saturday. If it does deteriorate however, once in Mangareva they have the option of dispatching an air-ambulance to take him to Tahiti sooner. When he left us this morning Ryan was experiencing more pain than yesterday but his appendicitis (if indeed that is what he has!) had not yet progressed to the acute stage, so things are looking good for him.

All is well. Sarah is taking a well-needed nap, I’ve just had one and now I’m having a glass of rum 🙂

Hope all’s well with you guys!

Lots of love



  • Craig

    Excellent news. Hopefully, Ryan will make it safely to Tahiti and will make a full recovery. Congratulations on completing your segment of the rescue mission. That glass of rum is well deserved 🙂

  • Vicky Hamshere

    CONGRATULATIONS! AWESOME! This literally made me cry…tears of joy! You two are an incredible team. It has been a nail-biting few days for us here but you seem to have taken it all in your calm stride! You are heroes in the true sense of that word and we are extremely proud of you. We have so many questions: The preparations for this medical emergency journey, the transfer in open ocean to Taporo, how and when will Andrew return to Pitcairn? With you? And of course the continuation of Ryan’s story. We love every blog, every detail. I hope you need an initial editor (I have lots of experience with Simon’s story!) when you write your book. Happy sailing (with sails!) & love from us all at Roxby…Vicky, David & Guy XO

  • Tony P

    Nice work, you two – well done!
    Looking forward to hearing all’s well with ‘your’ young man –
    Now, enjoy that sheltered-water rest!

  • Brenda Christian.

    As you well know we have been following your every move once you all left Pitcairn. Great to hear about the Taporo and Ryan is in Mangareva/Tahiti. The people of Pitcairn will be thanking you for a very long time. Again this is another successful medevac. Our 2 Longboats with a crew of four in each did the same trip 26 June 2014 for another medvac. Then we had nothing in the area to assist us so the crew’s got ready and we left Pitcairn 11pm on the night of 26th, the weather was terrible, big swells hard wind and rain everything one did not want we got. So Alex we thank you. Took us 33 hours to get there to meet the plane. On our return trip once out side of Mangareva the same weather conditions was rough as. I know Andrew is enjoying his time with you both, he is like me loves the sea, trouble is he won’t eat all the fish I catch. Once you have rested up and do come back to Pitcairn I am sure there will be a be a bottle rum up at Andrew’s and a Pizza night to do. Thanks Alex, Andrew’s mum.

  • Brenda Christian.

    Hi guys it is soo good to hear you Andrew. Ok tried to call on sat phone, but could not get you. Here is the phone number from Heather. 703655 this is the only number she has. She said Nadine called the Pension this morning on this number. Also Robin has booked two nights for Alex and Sarah, Heather will be contacting Marie to book you in as well for two days. As Rarona and Teohotu are not there what are your plans, If you plan to go to Tahiti let Heather and them know as soon as so they can book your ticket. I will try and call you again shortly

  • Brenda Christian.

    Hello Alex and Sarah, just saw a message from Andrew. They are all in Tahiti, Ryan been checked out still not sure what caused all the problems. They have ruled out appendix. Nadine and Ryan and Andrew want to thank you both for being here when the medevac happened and you were able to assist. Once again thanks from the three of them. How are you guys doing now. Are you still in Mangareva yet or have you moved on to your next destination.

  • Brenda Christian.

    Hi Alex and Sarah, have just read your last up date and good to read that you guys are fine. Andrew is coming back to Mangareva on the 16th flight hoping to get on the Claymore 2 our supply ship, to come back home. Still unsure of the medical history with Ryan, but from Andrew’s photos he looks well. But still getting the pains so who knows.

  • Brenda Christian.

    Hello Alex and Sarah,

    Andrew would like your email address. You can contact him. He is flying across to Mangareva on the 16th to join the Claymore 2 to come home.

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