At Sea

It’s Raining

It’s raining today in Tonga so we’re having an internet day. We’re currently testing out a new feature which will (hopefully) allow us to post while we’re at sea 🙂


  • Denise and John

    We are at a cottage in Northern Ontario – it’s pouring here too! We are having an internet day too and have caught up on your adventures! Glad you and Alex are well.

  • Jim Amos

    My first thought is, do you need to catch it for the further use ? Enjoying your blog enormously. Glad to hear you have used the multi purpose spinnaker .

  • Tracey Harrison

    Hi Sarah,
    So pleased found where you are. Go girl enjoy the dream. Pete Sanders kindly let me know where you are after we had lunch at the water vole research site. Please keep in touch, Tracey from Warwickshire you helped me loads whilst volunteering .

    • Sarah

      Tracey it’s wonderful to hear from you! I didn’t realise any Trust people were following the blog so I’m honoured Pete is and that you’ve manage to find it 🙂 Please give my best to Pete next time you see him and thank him for the wonderful sloe gin last year, we really enjoyed it – it tasted like home 🙂 What are you up to these days? Did you finish your degree? xx

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