At Sea

Nearly There

As of noon today, Sunday November 26th, we are 200 miles from Opua, the most northerly customs port in New Zealand and our destination. It’s a lovely day – the sun is shining for the first time since we left Minerva. We shook out the 2nd Reef this morning and are plowing along at nearly 6 knots under a single-reefed mainsail and full 110% working jib on a lovely beam reach. The seas are considerably diminished compared to what they were a few days ago and the motion is gentle and agreeable. Despite Sarah’s scopoderm anti-seasickness patch having expired beyond it’s 3-day lifespan two days ago she’s bounding around the cabin doing such productive things as making bread with the last of our flour and has even hidden the last of our olives in the dough. We’re down to our last half a courgette, a third of a cabbage, two small potatoes and two small onions as far as ‘fresh’ provisions go, so it looks like we got it just about right and won’t have to relinquish too much to the New Zealand biosecurity officers upon our arrival. Maybe a coconut or two. Then again maybe we should make the effort to eat them before we arrive. After all, we might not see coconuts again for quite a while.

We’re looking at a night-time arrival in Opua, perhaps some time around midnight tomorrow (Monday) night. Subject to the winds of course. We have been exceptionally lucky on this passage not to have needed to motor at all. The mast is still pointing up. Spirits are high. It’s been almost three weeks since we saw land and we can almost smell it.


  • Grahame

    Hope you get to see Annie Hill in Whangarei when you head South. Huge amount of sailing and Kiwi waters experience. Congratulations on making it to the antipodes of Bermuda (give or take).

  • Vicky Hamshere

    Wonderful news. Glad you explained the “fresh” provisions as we got worried you might have to diet! Fascinating. We continue to be amazed at what you both have accomplished. It’s awesome, beyond words and we are full of admiration. Wishing you both a great Kiwi adventure even without coconuts 🙂

  • Brooksie

    Excellent news! You will love New Zealand – especially at this time of year. …………… and do not worry about the coconuts, you will have more fresh fruit that you can eat!

  • Paulina Northover

    I am so thrilled to get this report. Bob will be looking forward to some new clothes and a rest 😊. All my love to you. What an achievement.

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