New Zealand

New Zealand Arrival

Hello everyone,

I’m just posting a quick one now to let you all know that we had a stonking run into New Zealand -155 miles in the final 24 hours – and arrived just before dark on the 28th. Sarah has some wonderful pictures and we intend to do a proper blog in the near future. South Minerva Reef was particularly spectacular.

Since we arrived we have spent far, far too much money buying all sorts of boat bits that we have been denied for the last couple of years. We even invested in a major luxury -a water heater! (It’s freezing here. Well………. 16 celcius really, but it might as well be freezing after two years in the tropics. We’re bundled up like the Michelin Man)

Bob is tucked away on a pile mooring up the Kerikeri river. The anchor has been removed, the chain reversed, the water maker ‘pickled’ for storage, the main engine flushed with fresh water, a float switch installed on the bilge pump and over the next week or so we’ll remove the sails and put her to bed. We have picked up our camper van, Jacangi, but even she will be abandoned for the next two months as we fly (shock/horror! Flying is cheating!) to Thailand to visit Sarah’s family.


  • Chris Holt

    Huge Congratulations to you both, and Bob, on a safe arrival. Loved following your blogs and photos. Great respect for what you have achieved. Cath and I will be in NZ for 8 weeks in Jan/Feb (after visiting Rob and family for Christmas in Miami). Coincidentally our first stop will be near Kerikeri. Maybe we will get a chance to say Hello in NZ before you head back to sea. Meantime enjoy your time in Thailand.

  • James Amos

    Congratulations on arriving in NZ. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Bob is a good boat and will I am sure bring you back to Bermuda. Merry Christmas to you both.

  • Vicky Hamshere

    Fascinating! Welcome to NZ and I hope to visit too one day! Your journey is nerve wracking sometimes as we wait for news but it makes the happy tone of your blogs all the more wonderful. Please keep them coming, even from land or air.
    Lots of love, Vicky

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