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Our next talk: Cultures of the Ocean

Our second talk is just around the corner! This one is all about the remote island-cultures we visited during our voyage and the unique relationship people have with the ocean. Alex and I are incredibly excited to tell you all about the wonderful, resilient people we met during our circumnavigation and the life-lessons they have to teach us.

For those who can make it, it’s being held at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institution this Thursday 5th of March at 7.30pm. Visit the BUEI website or see the poster below for more details. We’d love to see you there!


  • richard hopkins

    This may be off topic but I got your link from the West indies 36 owners website. I am going this weekend to look at one in St Petersburg Fl. It seems to be in fair shape but they are only asking 5k. I’ve looked online and they all seem to sell below other bluewater brands. Are you happy w yours? Anything you can tell me about the make? Pitfalls?

    Thank you,

    • Alex

      Hey Rick. Not off-topic at all. Yes we’re very happy with ours. But, Bob is the fixed-keel version. I have heard that the centerboard versions are not such good blue-water boats. Apparently the mechanism is not very robust. It also seems from looking at the numbers, and from comparing the waterlines of ours with the centerboarders, that we have considerably more ballast – maybe 1,000lbs more – than the centerboarders although we pay for it in sailing performance. ‘Blue water’ is relative. I wouldn’t hesitate to make crossings in the centerboard version but I might think twice before embarking on a long-term voyage in one, to remote areas where we might not have a secure anchorage for months at a time. If you’re going to view one pay particular attention to the structure of the mast step and transverse steel ‘rib’ steucture. It’s made from mild steel or something and often rusts out in the older boats. Many owners have replaced or at least refurbished it. Also, we had some issues with the rig design. If yours is original, with a single set of spreaders and single set of lowers that may be an issue. At least it was for us; we re-designed the lower shrouds in New Zealand following two failures of fairly new components that really shouldn’t have failed. Email me if you want any more info. Email address is on the ‘marine services’ page. I don’t want to post it here for fear of spam. Cheers!

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