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How do you use the ocean?

Well, hasn’t it been a crazy year!? I don’t know about you, but life for us has been a whirlwind since I arrived in Bermuda this time last year. After completing our world voyage we’ve spent our time putting down roots on this little island, and the pandemic certainly hasn’t stopped us!

We still live on Bob, tucked away on a mooring behind a small group of islands east of the Great Sound. Alex has started his own business as a marine contractor and spends most of his days on the water. I got myself a fancy new job as the Marine Spatial Planning Specialist for the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme, helping to map Bermuda’s marine habitats, engage with ocean-users and write the policy associated with Bermuda’s soon-to-be-created Marine Spatial Plan. But perhaps our most exciting news is that we will soon be welcoming a tiny new crew member aboard!

Me and bump. Our little pirate is due in March.

We might not be voyaging across the world’s oceans anymore, but we still use and enjoy the ocean every single day. In fact, part of my job is to gather information about how local Bermudians use and value the ocean and I thought that many of you would be keen to lend your voice.

Calling on all Bermudians to share how you use and value our beautiful ocean space.

One of the reasons I’m so thrilled to be involved with the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme is that it’s aimed at developing the sustainable, profitable and enjoyable use of ocean resources for present and future generations. It aims to promote ecological value while improving accessibility and utilization to people – it’s a win-win! And who doesn’t want that?!

I’d like to ask for your input to help us create the best possible Marine Spatial Plan for Bermuda. By completing our Ocean-Use survey you can help us decide what’s important to protect, to have access to, and where there are opportunities for sustainable development. This is probably your most powerful tool to influence the location of marine protected areas within Bermuda’s waters!

The Ocean-Use survey is easy to use and will allow you to identify areas of importance in and around the ocean, and what activities you undertake. By drawing shapes and placing points on a map of Bermuda, you’ll contribute to the growing data sets that will help BOPP build a prioritization model for the Marine Spatial Planning process. This data will be combined with ecological data, shipping lane maps, and others to build a comprehensive model.

Take the Survey Here:

If technology is your mortal enemy and you just can’t make head nor tail of the survey platform, please please please get in touch and I will be more than happy to go through it with you. Just let me know!

Oh! And the deadline for submitting your survey is 31st December 2020! This really is a great opportunity to have your say in how Bermuda manages its oceans. Don’t miss out!


  • Chris & Catherine Holt

    Hi Sarah and Alex,

    Congratulations. Great news. Really pleased you have been a safe place this year settling down.

    Lots of good luck with your work projects, and even more good fortune with your new crew member.

    Meantime, take care and enjoy 2021 to the full.

    Lots of good wishes,

    Catherine and Chris Holt

    • Sarah

      Thank you both! I hope you’re keeping well wherever you are right now. Enjoy the festivities (I feel they will be particularly appreciated in this crazy year!). Merry Sherry!

  • Peter Sellar

    Just a wonderful read Sarah, and wonderful to know that you 2 will soon be 3 . It was great to read about your new life in beautiful Bermuda. I guess you know that ny darling wife Sheila is now in long-term-care with Alzheimer’s. I miss her so much. D&J keeping well and are so attentive to all my needs as I now live in a seniors home which is quite ner them. Wish you both a Great Christmas, enjoy life to the full and stay safe.

    • Sarah

      Thank you Peter. Yes I did hear about Sheila and I am so sorry it has gotten to this stage. I hope they are looking after her well and that you are also taking care of yourself. I’m glad to hear that you have such a fabulous support network with D&J. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. xx

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