We’d like to introduce you all to our newest crew member, Athena Judith Brooks. She was born in Bermuda on the 4th March 2021 at 22:12 weighing a healthy 7lb 8oz.

Yes, I know I’m very late in letting you know the happy news, but these past six weeks have been a whirlwind that has taken quite some getting used to! I thought our experience of offshore sailing with a watch system of 3-hours on followed by 3-hours off would have put us in great stead for the sleepless nights of parenthood. I was wrong. Very wrong! We now walk around like zombies, covered in the various bodily excretions of an infant. Projectile vomits I expected, but projectile poos I did not.

Between the wailing, the nappy changes and late night feeds we are slowly catching up on sleep, learning how to soothe her sobs and getting our first smiles. We are adjusting to the monumental task of sharing our lives with a whole new person, which is far harder than any ocean voyage! On top of these hardships comes a whole pile of love for this little creature – a love like nothing I’ve felt before. It’s still hard to believe that Alex and I created a whole new human. Even after 6 weeks it’s very difficult to stop looking at her and admiring that little face and those little fingers and toes. Even writing this small blog is taking a long time, such is my compulsion to stop and look at her after each sentence.

Here are some photos of our new little pirate. Even Alex admits that she’s “cuter than other people’s babies”.

These beautifully professional photos were taken by our wonderful friend Silvia whose new business is called 1609 Photography. She is incredibly talented, so please do think of her if you’d like to hire a photographer. See more of Silvia’s photos here: or contact her at
Perhaps this photo is the most realistic 🙂


  • Alan and Debbie Joyce

    Congratulations to you both. A wonderful gift after a fantastic voyage.
    Grandma Paulina and Grandpa Alan must be over joyed.
    Is this their first grandchild?

    • Chris, Uta and Alice

      Congratulations, she’s super cute! Great to see all three of you still living on Bob. We are settled in to life on Ohana back home on Kerikeri river, still living aboard too. Alice is growing up very fast, those first three years were gone in a flash, make sure to enjoy every moment, even the sleepless ones! Apparently “threenagers” are a thing now, a lot like teenagers but smaller!

  • john gallagher

    congrats to you both! (and Bob)

    happy I’ve found this blog. I miss you both and hope you are well. I feel a meet up is due in the future.

  • Ilys Joy Jones

    So pleased to hear of Athena’s safe arrival and to see these wonderful photographs. Welcome to the world, Athena, and enjoy getting to know it. Summer on the water, in Bermuda, surrounded by friends and family – what a wonderful start to your life! Congratulations to Sarah and Alex, and lots for love to you all, Paulina, Grandpa Brooks, and the rest of the family.
    XXX Joy Jones


    All of New Zealand sends good wishes to the newest member of your family! Wow! Most Excellent!
    Dean and Gail and Local Talent

  • Chris Sutton

    Warmest congratulations from New Zealand; Athena is an absolute stunner. May you gradually get back to a decent sleep pattern.

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