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Boat Monitoring and Management
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Comprehensive, personally-tailored management plans suited to your budget and needs.

General Boat Services
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System troubleshooting, boat repairs and general contracting.

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Bermuda-based service provider Alex Brooks offers decades of expertise and experience to the Bermuda boating community. He is an accomplished seaman and has re-fitted everything from dinghies to tallships. He is excellently placed to assist you with everything you need to help you manage and maintain your boat.

Monitoring and Management Service

From $69 per month, you will get:

  • Full boat checkup
  • Engine(s) run
  • Bilges and bilge pumps checked
  • Mooring lines checked
  • Battery voltage tested
  • Written status report
  • Priority in-house contracting at a reduced labour rate of $35/h
  • Additional tailor-made services available on request

General Contracting Services

General Boat ServicesSystem troubleshooting and repair: Bilge pumps, lights, radios, plumbing, battery systems, solar systems, amenities repairs, structural repairs etc. $45 per hour
Rigging Services Sailboat rig setup and/or replacement. Standing and running rigging, lifelines, terminals and general rigging solutions. $45 per hour
Splicing Services Including single-braid, double-braid, three-strand, 8-strand and 12-strand lines. Custom mooring bridles and dock lines. $45 per hour
Mooring Inspections and MaintenanceComprehensive inspection of your mooring system and a personalised certification letter for your insurance provider.$90 per hr (diving); $45 per hr (surface labour)
Piloting Services Certified class C (offshore) Bermuda Pilot with extensive experience of boat operations in local waters and overseas. Price Varies
Yacht Deliveries Skipper or crew for offshore ocean passages. Approximately 70,000 ocean miles logged, including a global circumnavigation as skipper of a yacht. Skipper: $350/day, $2k minimum.
Crew: $200/day, $1k minimum

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