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  1. Hi Guys
    Awesome picture, thank you. Just checked your itinerary and we are amazed how detailed a plan you have! Although we are roughly following the same plan, we generally make it up as we go along, we only recently finally decided to go to Aus for cyclone season this time round. If you are still around in the Caribbean maybe we can catch up with you in a few years time.
    Matt and Amy

    • Ha, you’re right about our detailed plan. Trust me, we prefer your way and ours would be much more vague except that we need to be back in Bermuda by this time next year – we’re running out of money and need to work again 🙁

      We’ll be in Bermuda in a few years time so please come and visit. I don’t know if you’ve been before but it really is a great place.

      Have a great time in Oz. Maybe we’ll make it there on our next voyage 🙂

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